Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flexer?

Flexer is a mobile application that searches for blocks on Amazon Flex in a transparent, reliable, secure an automated way!

Does Flexer work on iOS? 📱

Sure, it does! Flexer has worked on iOS right from the start. You can download our app through this link. 🙂

Also, don’t forget to download Amazon Flex on your phone here!

How to contact the Support Team? 📩

You can either contact us via the in-app Feedbacks section or by email to

You can contact us whenever you need! We are a dedicated team of four agents and we are and constantly taking turns to answer you. We usually reply within 24 to 36 hours. 🙂

Feel free to reach out to us, we will gladly discuss with you!

Is there a background mode? 🌐

We are very sorry but Flexer does not work in background mode for safety reasons. If we allowed it, a lot of drivers would probably forget to turn the app off and would catch blocks without knowing so, they would end up missing them and eventually get detected by Amazon Flex.

Our customer's safety is our top priority and we want them to actually deliver the blocks they can secure through Flexer. As a consequence, for now, providing a background search mode is not an option.

However, if it is a bit too inconvenient for you, you can download both Amazon Flex and Flexer with Bluestacks on your computer. Bluestacks is an Android emulator and has the perk of freeing your phone! Here is the link to download it:

I have forfeited a block caught by Flexer. Are you issuing a refund on it? ⤵️

You can actually forfeit directly from our app in the tab "Forfeit upcoming blocks". Not only does Flexer detect your forfeits much easier, but it also automatically removes your due fees on your upcoming invoice! It can happen that you forfeit through Amazon Flex. If you notice that you are still being charged, please contact us and we will make sure to remove your extra fees. 🙂

I can’t link my Amazon Flex account! 🔶

If you are being shown the “Could not check identity” message, it usually means that there was an issue when you entered your Amazon Flex credentials in our app. In that case, please make sure that:

  • Your Amazon Flex account is active and you are no longer in their waiting list: registering as a driver ought to be done through the Amazon Flex official website.
  • You are entering your Amazon Flex credentials in our app and not your ones (some customers mixed it up, so it can happen).

How to set Flexer to catch blocks according to my preferences? 📦

First, you need to make sure that you have properly linked your Amazon Flex credentials to your Flexer account: either in the “Credentials” section on iOS, or in “Authenticate to Amazon Flex” one on Android.

Then, you will be able to adjust your search settings!

  • ⚙️ SEARCH SETTINGS: you can select which days you want to work, your start times, how long you would like your blocks to last, your refresh speed, whether to ignore reserved blocks, etc.
  • 🏭 WAREHOUSES: there, you will be able to select your Warehouses, input your estimated travel time (how long it takes you to reach your warehouse) and your minimum accepted hourly wage!
  • 📨 If you need more information about how our app works and how to maximize your search with great settings, you can reach the support team for help!

How much is Flexer? 💸

When Flexer grabs a block, a commission of 3.5% of the block’s price will be invoiced. However, you will only be charged on your credit card (debit or bank card) once the added commissions reach $20 (or £20).

On top of that, the commission does not concern your tips which means that you will keep 100% of your tips’ revenue. As said previously, it can happen that you are not satisfied with a block: please consider forfeiting through our app or contacting us. We will always make sure to remove your extra fees, compensate you and even refund you!

What is the refund policy? 💵

Please rest assured that we refund if you have been overcharged and already been debited, as long as the overcharged fees are over $5 or £5.

In order to be refunded, all you need to do is contact the support team with a screenshot of your corresponding Earnings from the Amazon Flex app!

Once issued, your refund should be available in your bank account in five to ten business days.

Is Flexer effective with surges? 🛑

Please note that forfeiting is meant to be occasional, overusing it is bound to make our detection feature fail. For your information, the surging/surge method is not compatible with our app at all. Not only is it risky and could put your account in jeopardy but we have also noticed that Flexer struggles when drivers forfeit a lot, even though the app catches blocks following the settings that you have entered.

⚠️ We reserve the right to stop refunding users once we have warned them that this method is not adequate and they persist in using it. Therefore, we highly recommend you narrow your settings and contact us if you need any help.

Happy Flexing 🤍

We hope you will find in Flexer a longtime partner as well as an enjoyable experience! Feel free to contact us for any feedback and to rate our app in our Playstore (here) or on our AppStore page (here). That would mean the world to us! Huge thanks from the whole Flexer team 💙