Introducing Flexer version 0.3: Handling the Amazon Flex Puzzle Challenge


Since the version of Amazon Flex, its developers introduced a new feature which aims at mitigating the usage of so-called bots and auto-tappers.

This feature basically prompts the Amazon Flex deliverer with a dialog asking them whether they are a human being or not.

Are you human? – Amazon Flex while scheduling a block

Once they click on β€œYesβ€œ, they are redirected on an embedded web page to solve a puzzle like this:

Please solve the puzzle – Amazon Flex while scheduling a block

Since the version 0.3 on both Android and iOS, Flexer handles this requirement, from Amazon Flex, and redirects you to the puzzle you have to solve before starting a block search again.

Although the Amazon Flex team has started to implement counterfeatures to defeat autoscheduling scripts and bots, the Flexer team, which is in no way affiliated to Amazon, shall remain dedicated to providing Flex drivers with the best third-party app possible without being described as a bot, nor an auto-tapper.


The Flexer Team.